The AYRES Story

Why AYRES? (pronounced "heirs") My Mother-in-law and I were looking at her custom silver flatware set that is monogrammed "KAJ" and she told me about my husbands Great Grandmother, Katherine Ayres James. I instantly fell in love with her unique middle and maiden name Ayres. Only problem, I already had all 3 of my girls and could no longer use the name. So, I decided to name my fourth "baby" and boutique Ayres. It was the perfect fit, it had family roots, is multi-generational, timeless, and elegant. Which is exactly our style at AYRES Boutique. We are classy, on trend, and love all things dainty and pretty. Based in Lafayette, Louisiana and in true Southern fashion we always fall for a ruffle and bow. Our mission is to give you classic pieces you can wear for many years to come at an affordable price.  
 AYRES truly is a dream come true! After graduating with a Merchandise Marketing degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles it was always my dream to own a boutique or be a buyer for a large department store.  For several years my life took different career paths, in which I gained tons of business experience and professional training. However, the dream of owning my own boutique would not cease.  It was always on my mind, especially with the natural slow down of life that was 2020. With no job for the first time in years, I had time to think and most of all dream, dream big! After many long nights my dream of AYRES Boutique was born. Never did I think it would come to fruition in the online only platform after dreaming up numerous storefront ideas.  However, being a busy Mom with three young girls the flexibility of the online only boutique seemed to work out perfect for this season of life.
I am tickled pink to walk through your style journey with you!  I want to thank you in advance for coming to our page and helping to support a small business. You being here is supporting a dream, a family, and so much more. Every purchase is truly appreciated and hey if you like what you see please spread the word!